The Blue Lake

The play ‘The Blue Lake’ by Dr. DharamVir Bharti was published in an anthology of one act plays – ‘The River was Thirsty’(Nadi Pyasi Thi).. ‘The Blue Lake’ is a fantasy. Since Dr Bharti is a writer known for new experiments, in this play, the writer has used symbols and motifs in a new ways. The blues lake, mountains, trees, the mist, the music of the flute, the rocks and the workers – all symbolize different social conditions and circumstances. The main protagonist is a Tantric who looks after souls while the workers look after the fields. Revealing the mystery of the lake, the Tantric tells that till the soul of everything that comes on the banks stays in the lake, the lake will shine. The day the soul is lost, its shadow cannot be seen in the lake.

To a large extent, The Blue Lake is like a morality play. The characters of the play are symbolic. The general features that they represent have been kept in mind, their individualities do not come into play.

Some words I was not able to translate into English. I have retained them in the translation. For instance, the closest parallel that I could find for Tantric was a wizard. However a Tantric is an essentially Indian concept. A Tantric possesses skills of magic and creating illusions. These skills are not inborn but a product of study.

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