Fast-paced, breezy

Book Review: Finding the Angel


It’s a well-paced breezy romance set against the backdrop of Indian royalty. ‘Finding the Angel’ opens with a hint of mystery. Shefali, the otherwise feisty heroine of this novella, has quit her art restoration project after being accused of stealing a priceless antique from the Ranaut family. Add to that the heartbreak of being accused by none other than Aryan Ranaut, the scion of the Ranaut family for whom she had developed some feelings. She had felt they were reciprocated till the robbery crushed her dreams. Unable to stay away from the ‘thief’ to whom he is hopelessly attracted, Aryan Ranaut follows Shefali to Mumbai. Their attraction flares up at once as they meet, argue, fight and kiss. The only way forward is to get to the root of the mystery.

The story is told in a simple, lucid style. The twist, in the end, iswell executed and the author is able to maintain the suspense. Aryan, a reputed womanizer, torn between his growing attraction to Shefali, his obligations to the family and betrayals that he has lived through, comes across as a charming yet troubled hero. Shefali, once she climbs out of depression and confusion at the beginning, is witty, passionate and intelligent. Not a passive heroine of the romance, she takes charge, solves the mystery and plays the knight in the shining armor, saving Aryan and the royal family. The minor characters are diverse and etched well, adding to the flavor of the story

The setting itself is wonderful. From bustle and chaos of Mumbai, one travels to the wide windswept palace of the Ranaut family. The story succeeds in giving a glimpse of two facets of India.

A fantastic interweaving of real and the unreal!

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