In the hidden chamber: Excerpt 1857 Dust of Ages


Silence of the Dolls



Richard saw the poles of the four poster bed when he opened his eyes. His head throbbed. He tried to cling to the darkness to ward off the pain. But consciousness meandered back through the events of the past few hours and he sat up with a jerk.

Where was he?

 The room was dark, fabulously furnished and cool. A single lantern, lit on the chest near the bedside, emitted a soft glow. He lifted it and surveyed his surroundings. An embroidered mosquito-net on the canopied four-poster, a pair of dainty slippers by the bed, thick Turkish towels on the red velvet chair nearby, and a range of English toiletries, even a heap of bonbons in a silver bowl – there were touches of thoughtfulness everywhere.

 Emily would have been comfortable here. Richard got angrier as he took in the preparations. He lifted the lantern higher. No windows. Bare walls and then a staircase leading up. He was in a tehkhana, an underground chamber.

How did the princess bring him here?


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