But it wasn’t a rape!


(Thoughts on today’s newspaper headlines)


Weren’t the clothes too tight?

Didn’t she have a drink or too?

Oh, she was out late at night!

She asked for it, right!

And now, she goes around shouting rape!!

Didn’t I apologise?

She calls it a threat

Just some phone calls,

Just a reminder of what I could have done,

What I can still do….

I call it an understanding,

How can she call it threat?

And why should anyone listen to her?

And later,

She chatted with her friends,

She was excited about something,

She still dared to dream of a future!

Where is her trauma?

She survived,

She continued to live her life,

Doesn’t that absolve me?

And doesn’t it prove that she is a s*** ?

Her life did not end, she moved ahead,

Now if she had died like the other one,

About a year ago, (you remember?)

Then you could have called it a rape!


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