Unaware of all this, Virendra Singh stood lost in dreams.  He woke up in surprise when Tej Singh shook him. Tej Singh asked softly, ‘Did you hear that?’ Virendra Singh replied with his own question, ‘What?” To this, Tej Singh answered, ‘Listen to me, you already knew that Krur Singh had approached King Shivdutt for help. Now hear the result.  Shivdutt has given him four aiyaars and a fortune teller. The Pandit (fortune teller) has great knowledge of Ramal. Nazeem was already with him. Now the gang has become stronger. They can do much evil. So I am asking you to be very careful. I will do something. I am sure one of those aiyaars will come here and try to trap us. You should be alert, do not go anywhere without me, do not eat anything, do not smell any flower or any another perfume. Remember they might disguise themselves as Tej Singh and approach you. Look here, I have a little mole in my eye,  near the bottom. Nobody knows about it. You would know me by looking in my eyes. Whenever I come to you from now on, I will show you the mole in my eye. If I don’t do this, then you would know that it is some trickster.’

Tej Singh took all that he needed and left early that night.

The same night, Chapla, disguised as a man, also went out of the town. It was midnight. In the clear white moonlight, Chapla thought of going to Naugarh to meet Tej Singh. So she turned towards Naugarh. From the other side, Tej Singh, in his own form, but ready for any disguise, was moving towards Vijaygarh. Coincidently, they met half way. Chapla knew him at once and asked him in her real voice, ‘Where are you going?’

Tej Singh knew Chapla at once, ‘Good, you are here just in time. Now listen. You already know that Krur went to Chunar. Now Shivdutt has assigned four aiyaars and Pandit Jagannath  to aid him. They are here.  They are stronger now and here we are only two. So now the two of us have to be very alert. It wouldn’t be a surprise if they kidnap the king. But they are here for Chandrakanta. I came to inform you.’ Chapla asked, ‘So what should we do now?’ Tej Singh replied, ‘First, I will trap the new prime minister Hardyal Singh and then I will assume his place. So the army and the servants will be with us. And we should meet at least once a week. It would not be difficult since I would be here in guise of the prime minister. So you don’t have to disguise yourself. I will live in his house, just like him.’

Chapla teased him about this and then left for her palace in Vijaygarh. Tej Singh spent rest of the night in the forest. In the morning, he was disguised as a perfume seller. With some bottles around his waist and one in his hand, he roamed through the streets of Vijaygarh. He spent the day roaming around. In the evening, he approached Hardyal Singh’s house. He saw the prime minister in the courtyard, talking lightheartedly with some of his friends. There was no other sound inside or outside the house.

Tej Singh approached them with his perfume bottles and saluted the men, ‘I am a perfume seller from Lucknow. I have brought the best of my merchandise.’ He opened a bottle. Hardyal Singh was a man with a soft heart. He took the bottle, smelled it and passed it on to his friends. Within a few minutes all were lying unconscious on the floor. Tej Singh tied Hardyal Singh, covered him with a sheet and turned towards Naugarh. If he met anyone on the way back, he would claim to be a washerman bearing the day’s laundry.


7 responses to “Chandrakanta

  1. Been reading and it reminds of the old story i had read long time back. We have missed all the original creative gems of our culture and this should help revive and get it to the next generation. Awaiting for the “Tilism” to unravel. Great effort!


  2. Please upload the title son of the serial made on this story. I guess there were a lot of deviations in the screen adaptation, if possible highlight those as well……


  3. Have never been a fan of Chandrakanta since I never watched it but the story indeed is interesting….Probably I need to watch the series along with following it up here..:-) Keep up the good work.


  4. Just a thought..I do not what all categories wordpress offers but probably adding the Chandrakanta Series to a Category will help..At the moment it appears as ‘Uncategorized’ which does not do justice to this gem.


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