As soon as she saw Tej Singh, Chandrakanta said, ‘Why, where were you all these days? And even now you have come alone. If this is so, then what are men for? If this is his love, then why should I go on living?’ Saying this she started crying bitterly. Tej Singh could not see her in this state and said, ‘This is immature. You have not even asked me how things are and started crying. If you feel like this, I think he should be called immediately.”

Saying this Tej Singh went to Virender Singh and brought him to Chandrakanta. Chandrakanta was very happy to meet Virender Singh. Unaware of anything around them, the two cried. And then returning to the present, started with their loving complaints against each other.

And now see the way the hand of fate intervenes. Walking and trying to gather news, Nazeem arrived there and seeing the happy reunion, turned green with envy. Immediately, he returned to Krur Singh. Krur Singh saw upset Nazeem and asked, ‘What has upset you so much?’

Nazeem, ‘What do you think? What I was worried about has happened. This is the time to show our cleverness. If we can’t do anything even now, then we should understand that fate is working against you.’

Krur Singh, ‘ I don’t understand what you are saying.’

Nazeem, ‘The news is that Virender Singh has reached Chandrakanta and now he is laughing away in the garden.’

As soon as he heard this, Krur Singh lost hope, the world seemed dark. On the one hand, he was sitting at home, tonsured, mourning for his dead father and could not step out for thirteen days. But the news made him throw caution to the wind. Immediately he got up and rushed to King Jai Singh without even dressing properly. Jai Singh was surprised on seeing Krur Singh, ‘Krur Singh, I am surprised that you have come here forgetting the mourning rituals.’

Krur Singh said, ‘Lord, you are my father. He gave birth to me, you have nurtured me. If your honour is being compromised then what is the point of my life? Who would think me as a capable loyal person?’

Jai Singh (in anger), ‘Krur Singh, who is compromising my honour?’

Krur Singh, ‘A small man.’

Jai Singh (grinding his teeth), ‘Tell me quickly who is looking for his death?’

Krur Singh, ‘Virender Singh.’

Jai Singh, ‘He cannot even dare to compare himself with me. The question of compromising my honour does not arise. I can’t understand what you are saying. Tell me clearly and quickly. Where is Virender Singh?’

Krur, ‘In the garden of the palace of thieves.’

Hearing this, the King flew into a rage. Restlessly, he gave the orders, ‘The garden should be surrounded immediately.’

Virender Singh and Chandrakanta were whispering sweet nothings, Chapla was bantering with Tej Singh and poor Champa was just staring at them. Suddenly a man as dark as the flower of ebony, with bright red eyes and wearing only a loincloth, jumped amid them. First he bared his teeth at Tej Singh, then said – ‘The King’s got the news, O Guruji!’ and then left the same way he had come. As he went, he pulled Champa’s leg. Everybody was taken aback. They feared, it was an evil demon. Champa started shouting but Tej Singh immediately got up and caught hold of Virender Singh’s wrist and said, ‘Come quick, get up, there is no time to sit.’ Turning to Chandrakanta, he said, ‘Don’t be sad that we are leaving so soon. And till the King comes, keep sitting here.’

Chandrakanta, ‘Why this hurry? Who was it whose words are making you hurry away?’

Tej Singh (quickly), ‘This is no time to talk about all that.’

Saying this, he pulled Virender Singh up and once again through the rope, they got out of the garden.

Chandrakanta was very upset with Virender Singh’s departure. With tear-filled eyes she turned to Chapla, ‘What has happened? I was so scared to see that demon that my heart is still thundering. What do you think?’

Chapla said, ‘I can’t understand everything clearly. But one thing is clear. The news of Virender Singh’s visit has reached the King and he must be coming.’ Champa, ‘I don’t know what that rascal had against me.’

Chapla started laughing at Champa but was also surprised about the game that seemed to be underway. They kept talking this way. After some time they heard noise around the palace. Chapla said, ‘Things are turning bad. It seems the palace is being surrounded by soldiers.’ She hadn’t even finished when they saw the King approaching.

Immediately everyone stood up. Chandrakanta came forward, bowed to her father, ‘At this time, suddenly…’ She said this and then stood quietly. Jai Singh said, ‘It is nothing. Just wanted to see you. That’s why I came. You should go into the palace now. Why are you sitting here?  There is mist. You might fall ill.’ Saying this, he left for his own palace.

 Chandrakanta, Chapla and Champa followed the King into the palace. Jai Singh returned to his room. In his heart, he was ashamed of himself. He said “Krur Singh is falsely defaming our innocent daughter. He should be punished so that he does not sneak like this in future.’  So he called a guard called Hari Singh and ordered him to fetch Krur Singh.

Looking for Krur Singh, Hari Singh came near the garden. He said, ‘Come, the King has called you.’ Krur Singh worriedly thought, why has the King called me, did he not find the thief? The King entered the palace in front of my eyes. He asked Hari Singh, “What is the King doing?” He replied, “He is in the palace, very angry. He has called you immediately.” Hearing this, Krur Singh felt as if someone dear to him had passed away. Shivering with fear, he accompanied Hari Singh to the King.

On seeing Krur Singh, the King said, ‘Why Krur! Are you paid for defaming poor Chandrakanta and dishonouring me? All these men who are standing around the garden, what must they be thinking? Idiot, mule, rascal, you said Virender was in the palace?’

The King was shaking with anger, his eyes were red. Seeing him like this, all life left Krur Singh and he answered, ‘this news was given by Nazeem who has been ordered to guard the palace these days.’ Hearing him, the King ordered, ‘ Call Nazeem.’ In a short time, Nazeem was  brought. The King was so angry that he could not speak. Slowly he asked Nazeem, ‘Why did you bring this information?’  What Nazeem felt at that moment only he can tell. Having lost all hope of life, he replied fearfully, ’I saw him with my eyes, O Lord. He must have run away somehow.’

Jai Singh could not control his rage any longer. He ordered, ‘Krur Singh should be whipped 50 times and Nazeem 200 times. If this happens in future, they will be beheaded.’

Krur Singh and Nazeem, both of them afraid, sat down and started quarrelling. Krur said to Nazeem, ‘because of you, my name has been soiled. I have lost all hope of becoming the prime minister tomorrow.’

In the end Krur Singh said, ‘Shame on you and me both if even after this punishment we are not able to arrest Virender Singh.’

Nazeem said, ‘There is no doubt that now Virender Singh will come to the palace everyday. That is why he is camping at our borders. But now I don’t have the courage to do anything. What if I see him again and as I convey the news, he escapes. Next time I will definitely be killed.’

After thinking for a long time, Nazeem said, ‘In the court of Shivdutt, the King of Chunargarh, there is a well known astrologer, Pandit Jagannath. He also knows ramal. He is so good at ramal that you can ask him anything, where is so and so person at this time, what is he doing, how can he be arrested.’

In the end Krur Singh took some of his precious things, called for two fast horses and left for Chunar with Nazeem. He told his household that if someone came from the King’s palace asking for him, they should be told that he was very ill.

  • Virender Singh and Tej Singh came out of the garden and left for their camp. About half the night had passed, but Tej Singh was still restless. He left Virender Singh at the camp, disguised himself as Ahmed and  went to Krur Singh’s house. Krur Singh had left for Chunar. He told the men whom he had left to guard his house that if the King asked for him  they should tell him that Krur was not well. When they saw saw Ahmed suddenly, they were surprised. They aksed,  ‘Ahmed, where were you till now?’ False Ahmed replied, ‘I had gone to hell. Have just returned. Where is Krur Singh?’ They told him everything that had happened and said, ‘Now he has gone to Chunar. It would be good if you had also gone with him.’

Ahmed said, ‘Yes, I will also go. I will not go home now. Will go straight to Chunar.’ Saying this, he returned to his camp and told Virender Singh everything. He rested for the remainder of the night. Early in the morning, after bathing and taking his breakfast, he changed his appearance and left for Vijaygarh.  With a bare head, dirty hands, feet and face, crying aloud he went to King JaiSingh’s court. Everyone was surprised. King’s treasurer said, ‘Ask him who is he and what does he want?’

Tej Singh said, ‘ O Lord, I am Krur Singh’s servant. My name is Ramlal. Krur Singh has rebelled against the King and has joined the King of Chunargarh. I tried to stop him. Told him we cannot be disloyal to the King. Then he beat me up badly and took away all that I had. Oh, I have lost everything. I don’t have a single penny left now. What will I eat? How will I reach my home? The groom’s family is looking forward for the income of three years.  They will ask what did you earn in King’s service? What will I give them? Help King, help, help!’

After a length of time, he became quieter. The King was very angry. He asked, “Where is Krur Singh?” The guard brought the news, “He is very ill. He cannot get up.” Ramlal (Tej Singh) said, ” Help O King! He is also with Krur Singh. He is lying. All Muslims are his friends. Help. This should be investigated.” The King turned to his treasurer, ‘You go and find out what is the matter?’ The treasurer returned after a short while and said, ‘Krur Singh is not at home and the people in the house are not telling us where he is.” The King said, “He must have left for Chunargarh. Fine, call a pawn from his house.” As soon as he was ordered the guard fetched a poor pawn. The King asked, “Where is Krur Singh?” The pawn was not sure. Ramlal shouted, ‘Help me O King! He will not tell you till he gets a sound beating.” The King ordered that the pawn should be beaten. Before the beating, the poor man told them that Krur  Singh had gone to Chunar.

It is difficult to describe the rage the King felt when he heard about Krur Singh. He ordered –

  1. All men and women of Krur Singh’s household should leave the boundaries of Vijagarh within an hour
  2. His house should be looted
  3. Of his wealth, Ramlal should be given as much as he can carry. The rest should be put in state treasury
  4. If it is acceptable to Ramlal, he should be given a job here.


$ Ramal or the Ramal Shastra is an astrological program to solve the intricate problems of life. Though ‘Ramal Shastra’ is said to be derived from the Hindu Epic “THE MAHABHARAT”, it has equally strong Arabic influence. In Ramal Shastra, the prediction is made without kundali (horoscope). There is no need of any kind of horoscope. There are only dices, called ‘kura’ in Arabic, in the hands of the person asking the question. The dices should be thrown only on the right places. The dices form certain figure and on that basis prediction is made. The person for whom the questions are asked should be present before the expert Ramal astrologist.


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